Welcome to our community, where we unite in Christ and serve the Lord with dedication and joy. Our mission is to live a true Christian life, witnessing Christ to others and building Christ-centered families. We aim to achieve self-sufficiency as a church and to be good citizens who positively impact our community. Our core activities include worshipping, studying the Bible, proclaiming the Gospel, ministering to others, fellowshipping, and participating in community development and service. We strive to embody the teachings of Christ in all aspects of our lives, fostering a supportive and loving environment for everyone. Join us as we grow in faith, share the love of Christ, and work together to make our community a better place for all. Together, we can achieve our goals and fulfill our objectives, united in our commitment to serve and glorify God.


    We will unite in Christ and serve the Lord.


    Live a True Christian Life : Strive to embody the teachings and values of Christ in our daily lives.

    Witness Christ to Others : Share the message and love of Christ with those around us.

    Build Christ-Centered Families : Foster families that align with the will and teachings of Christ.

    Achieve Self-Sufficiency : Develop a church that is financially and spiritually self-supporting.

    Be Good Citizens : Contribute positively to our community and society, reflecting Christian values.


    Worship : Dedicate time to worship and glorify God.

    Study : Engage in regular study of the Bible and Christian teachings.

    Proclaim the Gospel and Minister : Actively share the Gospel and provide spiritual care to others.

    Fellowship : Build strong, supportive relationships within our Christian community.

    Community Development and Service : Participate in activities that improve and serve our community.


Our Department Staff

Revd. Peter Sei Hao Mang

Head of Department (Provincial Office)

John Thet Lwin Myo

Organizer (Provincial Office)


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