Anglican Young People's Association

The Anglican Young People's Association (AYPA), founded on October 23, 1960, at Holy Cross Theological College in Yangon, is a dynamic and vibrant community dedicated to nurturing the spiritual and personal growth of young Anglicans. Our activities include Combined Worship, Witnessing Trips, Trainings, and Fellowship with Other Denominations. We host regular Meetings, an Annual Meeting, Bi-Annual Meetings, Youth Workcamps, Summer Workcamps, AYPA Day, Youth Conferences, and Monsoon Youth Leadership Training. Additionally, we organize Anglican Religious Play Performances, offer Free Tuition for High School Students, and engage in various philanthropic activities. Join us to grow in faith, develop leadership skills, and make lasting friendships.


    For Christ and Church

  • AIM

    To become a committed Christian.

    To become a good citizen of the Country.


    1. Worship

    2. Studying

    3. Witnessing

    4. Services

    5. Fellowship


Our Department Staff

Head of Department

Rev. Richard Yan Aung

Head of Department
+959 4480 34646


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